Jason Statham Back for ‘The Mechanic 2′

February 8th, 2014

The Mechanic

It seems that Jason Statham’s 2011 action flick The Mechanic will be getting a sequel. In the film Statham plays Arthur Bishop, an assassin who takes his friend and mentor’s son under his wing to teach him the trade after the mentor is murdered. The 2011 version was a remake of the 1972 film which starred Charles Bronson as Bishop.

While the original did not have a sequel, the remake was entertaining enough to keep Statham fans coming back for more. This time the action will be directed by German filmmaker Dennis Gansel. Gansel has not directed a Hollywood film, but he raised eyebrows with The Wave, a dark satire about a teacher who sets up a classroom dictatorship.

There are no plot details available for the sequel, but given the ending of the The Mechanic there aren’t a lot of limitations for the Bishop character.

In other Statham news, according to a story by THR The Transporter series will receive a reboot. There is a new trilogy planned with the first installment focusing on Frank Martin’s origin story. Here’s the twist: Martin will not be played by Statham. Perhaps this should be called pseudo-Statham news.

The new trilogy could feature the same sort of over-the-top mindless action that trademarked the first films, or it could be seen as a re-imagining of the story in the same way the new 007 releases took a more serious approach to the character. No one has been cast in Statham’s role yet, but the production will definitely have an international flair, with the second and third movies expected to be Chinese productions.

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